Frequently Asked

Can you accommodate last minute appointments?

Sometimes. Please email us at [email protected] (An additional rush fee may apply)

How do I cancel an appointment?

Schedules change.  We understand and try to accommodate those occasions as much as we can.
Email us at [email protected] or call 206- 657-7180
(If you need to cancel within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment, a cancellation fee may apply.)

Payment types - how can I pay?

We strive to make the entire process easy for you.

Via our Client Hub or by phone, we accept Visa and Mastercard, including by Apple Pay or Google Pay.

We can arrange for checks, and payments via Zelle and Venmo, just contact us!

Are you pet friendly?

Yes! If you need us to be extra attentive about your pet(s), please add that to the ‘additional information’ section on the request form.

What areas do you service?

As we expand our team, we’ll be able to accommodate multiple counties.  For now, we specialize in the Seattle, Washington region in King County. We are able to provide service from Everett to Federal Way and along the east side, including Issaquah, Bellevue and Redmond.

(Send us an email if you have a request for other areas.  We’ll gladly help if we can.)

Can I add on services (window cleaning, etc.)?

Please let us know which services you require. We may be able to provide them, or direct you to our partners that can.

What's your pricing?

Scrub Pop is always striving to balance competitive pricing with the need to fairly compensate our hard-working team members. Please get in touch for exact details on your job.

We charge based on work-hours – so for example if we send a team of 3 and the visit requires 2.5 hours to complete, we would invoice for 7.5 hours at our current rate.

We invoice in quarter-hour increments, rounding down to the nearest quarter.

Can I get a quote?

Our business model is built on simplifying the booking experience for you while keeping costs low.

Because each job can vary greatly in the amount of work required to bring it up to our cleaning specifications, we feel it would be a disservice to provide quotes that could end up being inaccurate.

We can certainly provide guidance to our teams to focus on certain areas or tasks, or we can set an hourly limit to not exceed for your visit.